Accuracy, reliability, and timeliness are key factors to a winning business and a successful company in this digital era, requiring nearly every business to make use of the information technology to help them achieve their goals in their competitive field or industry. Yet deciding on IT investments and managing IT assets (hardware, software, and brainware) are not as easy as they may look like, let alone developing in-house business application systems and maintaining them to follow the changing business needs.

Poor IT strategy can bring headache to business owners and IT misplanning can be the source of stressful days for IT managers. This is where Efata Systems comes in. Our broad range of services and plentiful years of experience in IT business can be solutions to your IT problems and IT dilemmas, and answers to your business problems. We can work together with you in your every phase of IT lifecycle, provide you with the right knowledge, guidance and support that you need to get the best of your IT investments.

We hope to provide most, if not all, solutions to your IT needs throughout the entire IT lifecycle, from planning and implementation to maintenance and regeneration. With us doing for you the things we find ourselves excel at, you can completely focus on your business.

Following is the services we provide to help you maximize your business:

Application/System Development & Implementation

Our key competence lies in this area. Our long experience in developing and implementing software can help you build and implement your custom business application, eCommerce sites, custom websites, or other software products in a way that you may find your daily business life becomes much easier after the implementation of them, leaving you with more quality time to do strategic things for your business. Our quality assurance ensure the software systems we deliver meet your business needs and service level, and are also friendly to use.

Application/System Maintenance (Application Support)

Other than newly developing business application systems, we can help you enhance or fix existing business applications or software systems, which some IT professionals feel reluctant to. You may have legacy business applications in your company or unmaintained software systems that you can not afford to retire in near time, yet you want them to be able to do some things they are currently unable to. Some of them even have errors or bugs that need to be fixed soon or carry vulnerabilities which requires immediate patches. Either it’s an enhancement mission for new features or a troubleshooting project to fix issues, we are ready to assist.

System Optimization

Underperforming systems or service downtime may be barriers to your business productivity, slowing down your overall business operation rhythm, resulting in long ROI or unequal benefits of your IT investments. We can help you gain more or maximum benefits of your current investments by doing optimizations upon crucial systems/servers, such as web servers, database servers, application servers, file servers, firewalls, etc. Optimizations are also usually applied to business applications, operating systems, workstations, networks, and other devices, resulting in more responsiveness, thus, higher productivity. With system tune-ups, we make sure all the pertaining systems reach their maximum level of performance and usability.

IT Assets management

With IT becoming crucial component in today businesses, investments on IT are poured much more heavily than before, resulting in multitude of hardware and software of various types exist in a company’s IT ecosystem. Managing hardware (workstations, servers, network equipments, devices, etc) and software (web servers, database servers, mail servers, operating systems, etc) can be daunting if the company do not have the required resources to do the task. Poorly managed assets, hardware or software, may result in delay, or to make it worse, miss of ROI. The investments which were made to boost employees’ productivity give opposite effect due to cases of virus/malware infections on computers, underperforming systems, service downtime, breached security, etc. Our extensive years of experience can help you manage them, letting you focus on your business and get the most out of your IT investments.

Low-Cost DB encryption

Security does not come cheap. This is much less reflexed in the pricing schemes of IT products/services which include important security features within them. As for database server products, security/encryption is usually part of enterprise-level packages. For Microsoft SQL Server, Transparent Data Encryption feature is only available in the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition, and for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, it costs around USD 6,500 per core. So if you have a single four-core processor, the price would be around USD 26,000. That’s quite some amount to some businesses, especially the SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). Nonetheless, if encryption is all you need of the enterprise-level features, you might not have to pay that much. We have an alternative approach with our custom solution which allows you to implement encryption to your database per column level, which costs you far less than that, or not even close. Column level means you can choose which columns of which tables to be applied encryption upon and which are not to. With this selective method, encryption/decryption only happens on designated fields, reducing negative impact on performance caused generally by encryption.


Should you have questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to leave us a message. We’ll be very happy to escort you through finding solutions for your problems.
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