Low-Cost DB Encryption

Low-Cost DB (Database) Encryption IT service

Low-Cost DB Encryption service

Security does not come cheap. This is much less reflexed in the pricing schemes of IT products/services which include important security features within them. As for database server products, security/encryption is usually part of enterprise-level packages. For Microsoft SQL Server, Transparent Data Encryption feature is only available in the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition, and for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, it costs around USD 6,500 per core. So if you have a single four-core processor, the price would be around USD 26,000. That’s quite some amount to some businesses, especially the SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). Nonetheless, if encryption is all you need of the enterprise-level features, you might not have to pay that much. We have an alternative approach with our custom solution which allows you to implement encryption to your database per column level, which costs you far less than that, or not even close. Column level means you can choose which columns of which tables to be applied encryption upon and which are not to. With this selective method, encryption/decryption only happens on designated fields, reducing negative impact on performance caused generally by encryption.

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